The Curated Root Gift Card- Member Exclusive

The Curated Root Gift Card- Member Exclusive

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Until Midnight Christmas Eve.

For every $25 spent on a gift card, you'll receive $5 back!

$50 = $10, etc.

Step 1. Buy your gift cards in any denomination you like.

Step 2. When your order is complete, I'll email you to ask how you would like the bonus gift card issued.

( ideas: send to someone else, to you, split them up or combine)


Gift Card Details;

I’m so honoured that you’re choosing to gift something from The Curated Root.

Whether it’s for your future self or the ones you love, thank you. It totally matters to me.

Details: The value of the gift card will never expire. There are no restrictions on what you’re able to purchase. It can be used online or applied to an invoice for any item or future service.

It’s currency here.

How to use: This digital gift card creates a unique code. This code can be entered at the checkout to subtract the gift card value from the order total.