Monthly Floral Subscription

Monthly Floral Subscription

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Fresh month, fresh flowers!

from 55.00 every month

I am deeply excited to offer you this service.

So often we make commitments to ourselves and then slowly let them slip as the world demands our attention.

This is my way of reminding you that YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

Deliveries are monthly and payment is taken one month after the date of your purchase, delivery schedule is the below. It’s totally ok to change the date/time of payment or delivery should you need to.

You can cancel this at any time for any reason.

You also get the option to add design notes, choose sizing and select what area of self care you’re most interested in.

Every Delivery will come with a self care surprise from Remedy Spa

Delivery Schedule:

July 7-9

August 4-6

September 1-2

October 6-8

November 3-5

December 1-3