Summer body: wear the shorts

“Summer Body”

I stepped on the scale today out of curiosity.
I looked at the number and then looked out the window as a wave of thought rushed over me.

I had fantasized for years about being able to officially say that I lost 100lbs.

I thought it would signify something.
I hoped it would mean something important.
I trusted that the weight changing would mean my confidence would automatically follow.

This is not a post congratulating myself on losing weight.

In fact, this post is the opposite.

I wanted you to know that I still struggle when the “summer body” conversations start.

For so many years it was a reminder of the months of insecurity that I was anticipating as shorts and bathing suits started appearing on social media.

Guess what?
I had to get into a lake in front of 20 other people yesterday and I felt just as uncomfortable as I did 100lbs ago.

So, here is my message for you today.
The people who will make comments will anyway.
That’s on them and it has NOTHING to do with you or how your body looks right now.
After a pool party last year, someone said to me “ do you think you’ll have surgery to remove that skin?” as they pointed to the most insecure part of my body.

Shorts have been my nemesis for as long as I can remember, and even after a 100lb weight loss, they still are.

If you like the shorts, wear the fucking shorts.
If you like swimming, put on the bathing suit.

You won’t get an award for disqualifying yourself from fun on their behalf.
Trust me, I waited for them too.

If you are here and alive, then it sounds like you already have your summer body.

Don’t let anyone take that from you.
Enjoy it through your own eyes, not the eyes of people you don’t know.

If it’s about how others view you, it won’t ever be enough.

It has to be about how you view you and no matter what your body looks like, you deserve to view yourself as the hero you are.

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