Selling clothes in the basement; your story is important

The urges were strong:

"Write something inspiring, write something motivational, write a story you needed to read"

I knew I wanted to write something, but fell into a generational narrative of invalidating my own story.

I thought of sharing the story of another.
Somebody inspiring.
Somebody who undeniably makes a difference.
Somebody profound.
Somebody else.

I sat directly in the flightpath of my insecurities, directing them towards lighter landings.
Lighter than the last time and the time before.

I thought of my great grandmother.
I thought of her struggle and her strength.
I thought of her resilience and her story, wishing so desperatley that she had had the chance to share it.

So, on the off chance that it’s helpful.
Here is part of my story.

Selling Clothes In The Basement.

I started this business for my daughter.
I also started it for your daughter and for hers.
This is an example of an imperfect woman trying her best for the right reasons.

During the separation between her father and I, the pending reality of selling our home was looming.

I had worked my entire life towards the dream of owning a home.
Just two years prior, that finally happened.
We made memories, planted trees and scattered hopes and dreams in the floorboards.

On paper I was a 32 year old single mother with an amazing career and a bunch of deeply buried passions.
In real life though, I was a woman on fire.

Though it made zero financial sense, I knew in my soul that I needed to find a way to buy the house again.
If I could use the extra space in the home to generate income, it would be worth the risk.

My goal was to make an extra six hundred dollars a month to pay the power bill without stress.
Even if I could only keep it for 6 months, I needed to know that I did everything I could to ease the transition on my daughter.

One act of bravery turned into the next.
To the women who continue to support this business and share it on my behalf, thank you.

I would be sitting in a different house, with a different story.
Longing for the dream that almost was.

Your story is important.
My story is important.
Her story is important.

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