Hope Hard: a lesson in visualization

Hope Hard.

This morning I found myself visually dreaming out a set of instagram stories.
The thought had barely left my attention when a bolt of metaphorical lightning struck.

When I was a little girl ( and home alone), I would turn the music up as loud as it would go and walk around my living room pretending to be a music video director.

Shamelessly dreaming.
I bet you’ve done the same.
It’s when you let your brain float into the light thoughts and the soft whispers.

When you suspend the voice in your head that tells you to think small.

Think of that story though, especially considering 85% of my business is generated through instagram stories.
I literally walk around my house and take videos to music.

I started to tear up when I made the connection.

Hope and hope hard.
Look for proof of the same in your own life.
Only you will know because only you can see.

What is your dream come true?
Use that proof to keep hoping for the future.
You know now that it matters.

Full Disclosure: I also dreamed of a handsome husband that would bring me lunch on the “set”. As of this date that role has not yet been filled.
Perspective is key.

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