Everyone OK?; Choosing help over shame

If I have perfected anything in life, it is the art of learning the hard way.

I have watched friends and I have watched family fade away in private battles.
People I would have willingly suited up for.
People I knew and didn’t really know; that is how it works.

I didn’t know they were fighting until they were losing.
Until I caught my reflection in someone else’s mirror, I didn’t know I was doing the same.

I don’t have a million dollars to give away or a cure for what is happening to the world right now, but I can give you this.

Take a step towards telling your friends and family who you are and what you are dealing with.
Allow them the opportunity to show up.
If your brain is making you feel shame for needing help, that’s part of what you need help with.
Even just that thought.

If you hold back they won’t know, and if they don’t know they can’t show up.
When they don’t show up, you might think you’re alone.

Let them know, even if it’s hard.
The worst thing you can think about happening as a result of being honest is still better than feeling scared of your life.

Yesterday I put up a series of instagram stories and tried to convey that in a gentle way.
I spoke about it because I knew somebody needed to hear it.
They did.

I do have a platform, but so do you.
It is your life.

I know you might not have met me, but I am who I say I am.
I do actually care and I know other people do too.
People you haven’t even met are waiting to help you.
I know this to be true.

Tell someone.
Ask someone.
Trust even for a minute that help will feel better than shame.

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