Dismantling a life; a thank you

Four years ago, I made a commitment to start voluntarily tearing down the structures in my life that were silently cracking at the foundation.

I could no longer turn a blind eye to risks of flying debris created by a life unlived.
I tried my best to break it apart as carefully as possible.

I hoped that I’d be able to protect the bystanders and salvage the bones.

Demolition of any kind however, is not without its mess.

Crumbling under the thought of the work ahead, my unfamiliar ask for help was answered by a crowd of friends and family with hard hats and the emotional supplies it takes to rebuild a spirit and ignite a flame. 

I can’t help but wonder if they know how deeply grateful I am.
I wonder if they could ever truly understand that the deed to the life I see ahead of me, includes their names.

Is there someone in your life you’ve been meaning to thank?
Do it without hesitation and without expectation of reciprocation.
Do it even when your own heart is longing to be appreciated.
I promise, it is worth it. 

Love ya, 


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