As the Crowe flies: a letter to Vince

 It’s a warm summer day.  

Two women and their dogs walk in unison down a cherished dirt road.

Coolers in their hands and hearts on their sleeves, they walk without rush or need of destination.

Expressing their rawness and acknowledging how grateful they are to be together again, they pause as the ground starts to move beneath them.

The road rocked softly and the dust drifted into sight as the big blue truck, driven by the man with the golden heart pulled up beside them.

As the window rolled down on the truck, a tear rolled down Vince’s cheek. 

“ Listen Tiff, it’s just that I’m so happy to see ya. I had no idea you were coming”

He said before smiling big and continuing on to the house atop the hill.

We sat that night and watched the sunset.

We sat as we had hundreds of times before.

The three of us, blankets on and bugs biting.

Our children bonding in the background, our dogs running in the foreground and our moment lived in the present.

The memories.

The significance.

The legacy.

 It’s not about where you were lost, it’s about where you were found.

I’ll find you in sunsets and quiet moments.

I’ll find you in the beauty of moonlit rivers and selfless acts.

I'll find you in eyes of your son, the talent of your daughter and the strength of your wife.

I know you’ll never be far, at least not as the Crowe flies.


Wendi, Avery and Brandt, 

You are now, as you will forever be wrapped in my love and adoration.

 “ round like a donut”



There is a go fund me set up for Wendi and the kids, if you can support them in any way, I know it would mean a lot.


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