Why I'm not having a sale today; A promise to you

Oh hi there! I’m really glad you followed whatever online path lead you to this blog. I wrote it for you to read. When you consider the facts, you will hopefully realize that by reading these words you are literally manifesting a dream. Be you 5 or 500, I consider myself lucky to be a part of your moment right now.

Did you read the subject line? For those of you who have subscribed to my email list ( do that now if you haven’t, it’ll become relevant I promise) this would be one of the 10+ sale related emails in your inbox this morning. I know this because I’m a consumer and perpetual “ I’ll get around to unsubscribinger”.

As a Canadian society, can we not just agree that this is relatively new for us?

We didn’t grow up with Black Friday being relevant in our economy; other than to read headlines about people tramplin’ each other over tv’s in neighbouring countries. When I was a kid we hoisted ourselves securely upon our mountie themed high horses and bragged about how civilized we were for not ripping out a competitive shoppers hair in a box store parking lot.

Read this part out loud: I have no judgement. I’ve lined up for Black Friday sales in Canada ( praying hands) Target, may you rest in maple infused peace. I’ve also taken a perusal through my emails and compared all major retailers deals on smart locks and wifi door bells. No stone is going to be cast from these hands in the direction of you as a consumer, nor to the business owners who run Black Friday sales. I support you rising to the economy’s demands and capitalizing on a high traffic day for deals and for sales. It makes sense.

If I’m being completely transparent, which is something I’m committing to try my best to be; I too was going to have a Black Friday sale. Hence, It’s quite early in the morning and I’m sending you this note in a sales stead.

No, I’m not having a Black Friday sale today. I’m actually not going to have a sale any day. I’m committing to you that the price I list the first time has been seriously considered and is something I believe to be fair. I won’t let a pre-determined shopping period sway that and I’ll save you the stress and contemplation that I could and would do better on the price. I’m going to do my best the first time, should God so strike me dead ( I had to, it’s the East Coast and we’re full of analogies).

I’ll earn your trust and attention if and only if I provide a service deserving of it. If I don’t love it, I won’t sell it. If it isn’t something that I would consider a deal, then I won’t offer it as one.

I promise you that I won’t create an environment that tries to stress you out. You may miss items simply because they’re offered in limited quantities and you didn’t check, but you won’t miss discounts on items as a result of not showing up. ( you should be more sad about missing the treasures anyway).

I’ll work hard to make it easy for you to find me, you just stay in touch if I’m relevant and providing value to you. Trust me, it will be a whole lot easier for both of us that way.

Make this space part of your shopping habits and I’ll repay the favour. Here are the business promises I want to offer to you today, in lieu of a sale.

  1. I will upload new products every single week . They’ll fit my mantra and be items that I love at a price point that I believe to be deal worthy. I won’t list anything other than that.

  2. From time to time, I will add extra goodies into orders that I think the recipient will appreciate. I did that throughout my first week of business and it really resonated with how I’d want to be treated as a consumer.

  3. Twice a year, I’ll host a “ site sale” of inventory that I clearly didn’t price properly the first time and isn’t selling. I’ll donate 100% of the profits of those sales to send a child ( hopefully more than one) to camp. Don’t even get me started with camp, I’m a big fan and living proof of the impact it has on youth. **

    ** 2020 rocked the world as we know it, currently camps are no longer.

    I hope this changes, but until then you’ll see this morphed into “Thursday’s Are For Opportunities” a secret one day thrift store and clearance page with 10% of the total sales ALL YEAR long going to the IWK towards Mental Health Services.

  4. If I mess something up ( and I will), I’ll own it. I won’t loop you up in policy and procedure, I’ll just do my best in the situation and make it right. I’ve been in customer service since I was a child, how people are treated by a business, especially one that I own is immensely important to me.

  5. I will show my gratitude for your business in basic ways. Tomorrow and every Black Friday, I’ll make a point to personally do at least 5 random acts of kindness in hopes of sparking the seasonally themed “ Christmas Miracle” mindset. I’ll give with the intention of inspiring more giving.

That’s it. That’s my first blog post. It’s really a twofur, it’s my guiding principles and it’s the only offer you’ll have from The Curated Root for Black Friday 2019 and beyond.

So, in the spirit of all that I’ve said. I’m asking you to sign up for my email list, like and follow my social feeds and share this with your friends. Not just to get emailed incentives for the sole hope that you’ll buy from me, but to connect with you and try to provide value. Go get deals this weekend! Support businesses that align with what your needs and values are. We’ll still be here when the chaos of this weekend is over. We’re more than just a store, let us prove it.

( I really struggle with sign offs but I’ll sort through that for next time),