The Curated Root; The Story Behind the Name


When I reflect on this past year and acknowledge what it means to celebrate the first anniversary of a business that became a lifestyle, I knew it was time to try and tell you what it actually means.

From a very young age, I had visions of living a life beyond anything I could see modelled before me.

It wasn’t about money, fame or measured success; it was a longing for freedom.

I grew up in a rural setting, with a single mom and a predominately female family.

They were loving, they were kind, and they were truly doing their best. 

However, like me; they were all living lives that had been impacted by mental health. 

This was the silent reality of my and many of my closest friends childhoods. 


Mental Health doesn’t just affect the less fortunate, it affects everyone.

If you don’t personally struggle, I bet you know someone who does.

I bet your feelings have been hurt as a result of someone’s mental health and I’m willing to bet you’ve hurt somebody else’s feelings as a result of your own.

I know I have.

The mark of success is not in the metrics of what I financially accomplished this first year.  It’s not wrapped up in the fact that I left my job and made a dream work.

The most successful part of this business is how it makes me feel, and in turn how it makes you feel.

It’s an example to me and to the ones who have supported me that you really can create a life that leads others to joy, even if you’re an imperfect person.

It’s a spotlight on recognizing the impact you make in the world and the impact the world is waiting to make on you.

The significance of your effort and the power of your thoughts.


I did not access mental health services until I was 29 years old, and even though I was educated and “successful” I had been living in a misery of my own making for as long as I could remember.

Drowning in feelings I couldn’t process and memories I had not yet learned how to accept, I made a call that changed the trajectory of my life.

I see the roots of a person, I always have.

I just couldn’t see the roots of me, and I certainly did not feel powerful enough to curate them.

If there is a need I’m meant to meet right now, it is most certainly this.

There is no greater gift I could give to another and no legacy more destined for me to leave.

Today I’m launching two initiatives that will direct funds to the IWK’s Mental Health Services who provide vital access to services for our children and youth.

Thank you for these past 365 days, they have truly been the great honour of my life.