Stop Waiting to Tell People How You Feel; Our First Giveaway!

Good Morning!

The picture that leads this blog was taken in the absolute splendorous wonder that is the Saturday morning of my birthday weekend.

Yep, I’m one of those overly passionate about their birthday people. Here is a list of apologies I want to make for that, >>>>> end of list.

A year is both the shortest of things and the longest of things. Please don’t pull the science on that; just lean into the way I explain it. I’m doing my best over here but I’m one mimosa in and really really excited to get to the point of this blog.

There are two main goals to communicate here today.

  1. We’re doing the first ever Curated Root giveaway, which is in honour of my 33rd birthday on Monday, December 16th.

2. To showcase how important it is to throw someone a bone of positivity in whatever way you’re able.

My very first roommate Jess, went out on a limb and really honoured and encouraged me this week. Quick backstory ; we moved to Toronto together from Truro at the age of 18 after becoming fast friends in our high school musical. She was taking fashion design and I was following my passion in film school. To say it was a scene would be a massive understatement. I still can’t believe we did that. Two incredibly eccentric and independent spirits tackling a world of unknowns in a run down apartment complex with a less than stellar knack for cooking ( ahem, spice cake).

She shared my last blog post on her social channels with an extremely touching message that I would never have anticipated. We haven’t kept in touch as much as we probably would have liked to and the descriptions of our lifestyles are technically very different. Yet, our spirits are much the same.


Funny thing though, I had NO IDEA she felt the way she described in her post. When I read it, I knew she meant it and it filled me with a profound sense that someone really seeing the person that I’d really like to be. Please consider that she’s seen me at my most vulnerable and has likely saved my life in more ways than she’d ever know. On top of that, we’ve only seen each other 3 times outside of social media in the last 10 years!

Do you want me to tee up the contest now? I do.

Neither of us had ever really communicated how we felt. I typically refer to these moments as “ funeral moments”. As in, nobody ever really tells you how they feel about you until you’re long gone and the time for awkward reciprocal responses has passed. I’m guilty of it too.

So in light of Jess’s bravery and love, the very first contest at The Curated Root has been inspired by her.

Here is how you can enter:

Instagram and Facebook:

1. Follow and like @thecuratedroot

2. Comment on the contest post and tag someone in your life with a sentence of how you really feel. It can be “ i always like your smile” or an intense profession, whatever you feel comfortable with. It won’t affect your entry, be it light and airy or deep and prophetic. It matters not, as long as the spirit is there.

3. Each tag of someone will count as another entry so spread that LOVE y’all!

4. Bonus entry for signing up to the mailing list at

5. Bonus entry for anyone who makes a purchase through the site this weekend

What can you win?

I’m turning 33 so I’m giving away 33 prizes inspired by my gratitude for each year.

32 of those prizes will be randomly chosen through the comments.

Those prizes will include: A box of holiday cards, a wool gnome ornament, a pack of seasonal gellies and an individualized note from me to you specifically.

The 33rd grand prize will be a stunning Coach Swagger Bag valued at over $300!

Happy entering and stop waiting until people are gone to tell them how you feel.

A birthday is a fine time to do that ( ahem…)